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Nassau-Shatford Baseball Frequently Asked Questions
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How old does my child have to be to play?
Children must be 4 years old and not older than 12 years old by April 30th. We can accept tee ball players who are 3 and will turn 4 during the baseball season (May, June, July, August) as long as parents are willing to supervise their little player.

Do you accept special needs players?
We do! Nassau-Shatford Baseball is an inclusive league. As long as we can provide a safe and meaningful experience for your child we will work with you to accommodate your child's special needs. Safety is key for us for all players. If a situation is deemed to be unsafe by coaches or the officers we will work with parents to evaluate the players' ability to continue with our league based on Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken league rules.

How do I register?

Our preferred method of registration is online at – click login at the top right to create your account and register your player. Additionally, a paper application can be printed from the document section of our website and mailed to the address on the application.

We also hold occasional in-person registrations, check our FB page or website for dates, times, and locations.

Our registration deadline for the 2020 season is March 15th
. After that, players will pay a late registration fee but will be accepted until opening day - 4/25/20

Where are games and practices?

Our teams practice on the fields behind Donald P. Sutherland Elementary School (DPS) as well as James P. Lamb field in the village of Nassau and at Shatford Park in New Lebanon. Your coach will let you know what day and time and at what field practices are.

Games take place on weeknights around 6pm and anywhere from 8am -6pm on Saturday. T-ball teams usually play one game per week on Saturday mornings with the occasional weeknight game played in lieu of practice. Minor/Major teams usually play two games per week – one on a weekend and one on a weeknight. Tee ball will play at their "home" field.  Minors/Majors games will be split equally between Nassau and New Lebanon.

What is a "home" field?
In 2020, Nassau Baseball Association and Shatford Youth Baseball merged to become Nassau-Shatford Baseball.  Previously, the league you played with was determined by your address and school attended.  Now you can choose the "home" field that is most convenient for your location or schedule.  AT the tee ball level, most activities will revolve around the field you choose to be your "home" field.  At the minors/majors level, most practices will happen near your "home" field but games will be played equally between both locations.

You will choose your "home" field when you register your player.

When will I know my child's team?

Player evaluations and our draft typically happen near the end of March or beginning of April. Shortly after the draft coaches will contact their team members to introduce themselves and set up the first practices.

Can I request a team?
At the tee ball level, we try to honor requests to keep siblings and friends together as we want to make it as easy as possible for families and FUN for the children. We give priority of placement to coaches children and build our teams around that.

At the Minor/Major level, we typically can not honor requests for a specific coach or team, however, we do keep siblings together unless otherwise requested. To keep our season fun and have balanced teams that are competitive, we hold player evaluations and a draft. Coaches are allowed to keep their own child(ren) up to a maximum of 3 players, and then the rest of the children are divided up (drafted) based on skill and ability. We follow Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken League rules regarding the draft and team selection.

What equipment does my child need?
Every child needs their own glove, a USA Baseball approved bat, and batting helmet with required face protection. Although the league does have some equipment that we can share, children usually prefer to have their own. We wear grey baseball pants and black belts/socks that you will need to purchase. Baseball cleats are recommended for Minor/Major players and are optional for tee ball (sneakers are fine).

A team-specific shirt/jersey and hat will be provided for your child.  

Visit our website at to view our STORE and shop Nassau-Shatford Baseball equipment and fan gear! 

Am I required to do fundraising?
All players are expected to sell $20 worth of raffle tickets. Additional books of tickets can be requested and sold. Raffle ticket prize drawings are held on Opening Day. Rewards are given to players who sell the most tickets.

Additionally, we sell Hershey's candy bars. Each player is required to sell one box of candy with a sold value of $60 ($2 per candy bar). If parents choose NOT to sell the candy, they can “buy out” for $30 at the time of registration (the option for the candy buy out is included on the registration form). Candy “buyouts” will NOT be accepted at the time of the candy sale. Buyouts MUST be done at the time of registration as we order our boxes of candy based on the numbers of those who bought out at the time of registration.

Any player who registers for Nassau-Shatford Baseball after March 15th
will be required to buy out their candy and will not have the option to sell.

Are their other obligations I should know about?

We are a small family run league. All of our league officers are parents of players who volunteer their time to our league. Our coaches are not professionals – they are parent volunteers. It takes all families to actively participate and make our league function smoothly.

Every team needs a Manager, a coach, and one or two assistant coaches as well as a team parent. With approximately 16 teams in our league, that's at least 60 volunteers! We need YOU – you don't need experience to volunteer!

We open and close our field ourselves at the start and end of every season. We expect that it's “all hands on deck” and that families will come to help us rake leaves, put away/take out signs, clean up the concession stand, pick up trash, and whatever else is needed to keep our field in great shape.

Our concession stand is parent-run – during each game, one parent from each team is required to take a turn at the concession stand. Team parents will organize this schedule at the start of the season.  Each family is expected to provide at least 3 hours of concession stand coverage per child, per season.  It is not a one and done obligation as we play more games than there are players per team!

We have quarterly meetings, location and time announced by email and on our social media pages. Parent participation and attendance is strongly encouraged!


We also have several fun events throughout the year – often we attend a Valley Cats game as a group and the kids get to go out on the field. We hold winter workouts in Castleton at Perfect Game Sports. We have an opening day parade and participate in the village Memorial Day parade. All events we hope families will participate in!

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